Philosophy of Education

Education is questioning.

  • Is your education a race to the finish line, or is it continual work to go the greatest distance in the long jump? How far do you want me to take you — just enough go get by, or as far as you can go?
  • Do you think it is more fair that I treat everyone the same, or if I make sure each student gets what’s needed?
  • If you interfere with learning — yours or others’ — should I think less of you, or should I get you to have a different behavior?
  • Do you want your teachers to be a sage on the stage (telling you all the important stuff), or a guide on the side (a companion on your learning journey)?

I believe it’s my job to be the teacher you want me to be. You may not always know it, but everything I do and say is carefully considered, so it will have the greatest impact on your learning. I care about your success in my class, on TAKS, in high school and college, and beyond!