For at least five minutes every day, starting right when the bell rings, is DEAR Time.

You earn twenty points per day. Ten for starting to read right when the bell rings, and ten points for reading the whole time. You may loose points if you’re tardy to class or absent, but you can make up time in tutoring or reading before class starts.

When you write one sentence after reading, this counts toward your journal grade.

Why read every day? We spend so much time in language arts analyzing what we read. Sometimes it is nice to just spend time enjoying what we read. The more time you spend reading, the better you will do in school. Exposure to well-written English will also help your writing.

What if I don’t like reading? Please make sure you have something to read when class starts, sit silently and turn the pages while you look at what you’re holding (I may not be able to tell you’re not reading if you do this).

What if I forget my book? I have bought a couple shelves of award-winning books, graphic novels, short stories, and magazines. You may borrow something to read, but you are encouraged to find something in the library or at a book store. Book ownership is a major predictor of academic success (which leads to successful careers). I paid for my class library, so please take care of my books and magazines.

DEAR Time starts at the beginning of class, and the class reads for at least five minutes. I’ll let you know when it’s over. When the bell rings, drop everything and read. If you have something to ask me after the bell rings, have out your calendar, and I’ll visit you as quickly as I can.