Here are a few helpful hints when trying to figure out Analogies.

AO or F

If this one of these are your sentence:

  • (A) I weave (B) the blanket (C) with the loom.
  • (A) I write (B) the essay (C) with the pen.
  • (A) I nourish (B) my body (C) with the food.


  • A:B is AO
  • A:C is F

S or D

For it to be S (or D) each word in the pair has to be the same part of speech as the other.
Synonym example: find (v.) : lose (v.).
Degree example: whimper (v.) : cry (v.)

To tell S from D, ask yourself, “Which one is less/more? Or are they the same amount?”

  • less/more = D
  • same amount = S


This will always be a thing and a description. That means it’s a noun and an adjective.

  • sky (noun) : blue (adjective)
  • puppy (noun) : furry (adjective)