Late Work

I expect students to complete every assignment on time and showing your best effort. Late assignments include incomplete assignments and assignments which don’t show you really tried. If you cannot meet a due date, you should talk to me about before it’s due or make arrangements for tutoring.

Because I believe you should get full credit for the work you do, I do not subtract points for late work. Instead I treat late assignments the same as any behavior which interferes with learning.

The day an assignment is due, if you don’t turn in the assignment, I let you know it was not turned in. If the assignment isn’t turned in the next day, I contact a parent. If the assignment is a third day late, I assign a D-Hall using the Level-1 Write-Up form.

Of course, if you were absent for a daily assignment, the assignment will not be counted late. However, long-term assignments don’t get extra time if you were only gone a day or two. I build in plenty of extra time for long-term assignments.

To avoid consequences for late work, either make sure you turn in completed work on time, or bring in a tutoring slip to arrange tutoring before or on the due date.