Coin Career Community

The website we visited this week, and will visit next week, is called COIN Career Community, and can be accessed at this address:

This site is a resource for you throughout the rest of this year and into high school. It will help you learn about careers you haven’t heard of, learn more about ones you are considering, and help you to figure out what skills, classes, and schools will help you get the job you want after you graduate.

I’m really impressed with what the site has to offer, and I hope you show your parents how to login, so you can explore the site over the next few weeks on your own.

We’ll be back in the lab on Tuesday to find out more about the website.


November 19, 20, and 21

(3rd Period is starting to read Frankenstein and beginning a journal of Literary Elements)

Today, we created a window pane for the ten vocabulary words in Edgar Allen Poe’s, “Tell-Tale Heart.” This is due Wednesday.
Tuesday we visit the COIN website to find out about careers.

Wednesday we explore style.