Welcome 2021-2022

All work for my courses will be available in Schoology. The only exceptions are tests, quizzes, and some projects that require the software on the lab computers.


Week of November 18

Below you will find out what is going on this week in each of my courses.

If you have completed Late/Make-Up Work, fill out this form to make sure Mr. Heyer grades it:

In Home Access Center a blank grade or a “-” is ungraded.
“Z” means it’s missing, but it may still be turned in for credit.


  • Continue EduTyping alphabetic keyboarding lessons
  • Finish study guide for Posture and Technique Test
  • Assessment using proper posture and technique


  • PowerPoint projects
  • Study for Word certification

Computer Science

Principles of IT

  • Choose Your Own Adventure PowerPoint project
  • PowerPoint training
  • PowerPoint test
  • PowerPoint notes