Winter Break

If you start break early, you owe me this work before you go.

  • Periods 1, 5, & 6: Workskills Unit 2 (pages 26-32 & 34-35) due Wednesday, 12/17!
  • Periods 2 & 7: Treasure Island Test on Thursday, 12/18
  • GUM page 341 is due Friday.

Before Break

Tomorrow (Friday, 12/12), work is due for progress reports. I’ve invited students with late work, and they should already have attended tutoring to recieve credit for late work.

Tomorrow (Friday, 12/12) GUM page 335-336 is due!

Next Week:

  • Periods 2 and 7 turn in Characterization DJ before class begins on Monday, then finish reading Treasure Island and review for the Thursday’s test over the book.
  • Periods 1, 5, and 6 read “Monkey’s Paw” and then write an alternative ending.