Reading TAKS 3/3/2009

The Eithth grade Reading TAKS test is tomorrow, Tuesday, March 3.

Make sure you lay down (with no distractions) earlier than your normal bedtime. One boring night is worth being more alert tomorrow.

In the morning, eat a protein-rich breakfast (with the main portion consisting of eggs, meat, cheese, yogurt, nuts, and/or beans).

This is a very important test, one you must pass in order to go on to ninth grade.

Do not bring your cell phone tomorrow — it’s not worth the risk.

I’d say “good luck,” but I don’t think you need it. Just put out good effort, and y’all will do great!

By Mr. Heyer

Mr. Heyer currently teaches Business Computing courses and is the Yearbook advisor at Goodson Middle School in Cypress, Texas.