Butterfly Project

(on Friday we completed a web quest worksheet for

Present on Tuesday, April 21 — Holocaust Rememberence Day.

Gather your supplies, plan your butterfly, and begin constructing it this weekend.

If you have trouble, bring what you have done so far for tutoring on Monday. You may drop off your supplies before school with your name on them.

Here are some ideas of how to visually represent tone and mood on the butterfly:

Mood / Tone Color Texture / Shape Object  /
admiration, love gold metallic ♥, camera
anger, rage, hate, vengeful red, orange, yellow sharp, spiky, burnt, crinkly, hard, rough 😡 , bonfire, fist, bricks, rocks
brave, courageous shield
contentment yellow bumpy
confused 😕 , ❓
disgusted ugly green, brown lumpy, gritty picture of oatmeal, sand paper
dreamy pastels, bright colors clouds
embarrassed blush 😳
energetic yellow zig-zag rabbit, lightning
faithful white cloth hands, Star of David ✡, cross ✝
fear gray shiny (cold)
free, light sky blue fluffy cotton, flag
hopeful, optimistic, happy light colors, yellow, white, pink, multi-color fuzzy, feathery, silky, smooth, puffy 😀 , star ☆, sun, rainbow, flower, candle, cotton, apple, Star of David ✡
hopeless, despair, desperation, pessimistic dark colors rough, uneven the letter X, “no” symbol ∅, wilting flower
lonely baby blue moon ☾
sad, grief, sadness, depressing blue, gray, purple wet, simmer, holes, flat, dented broken heart, 😥 , tombstone, bars, teardrop, violin, pillow, skull
stubborn, defiance, rebellious fist, arm muscle
surprised, shocked neon sparkle 😯 , ❗
wishful, longing green slippery

Please be creative. This chart is only to help you if you get stuck.

By Mr. Heyer

Mr. Heyer currently teaches Business Computing courses and is the Yearbook advisor at Goodson Middle School in Cypress, Texas.