Research Unit

Mon 3/8 – Wed 3/10 — Note Cards Due Wed EOC

Instructions for creating note cards:

Download example note cards

  • Create one Citation Card for each article
  • Read three articles, taking notes when you find answers to the research questions
  • Use one note card for each fact from the article (at least six per article)
    • Paraphrase most facts (Author 17).
    • When copying from the articles, “Cite text evidence correctly”  (Author 17).
  • Author and page number should be in parentheses on each fact card

Choose facts based on these research questions:

  • What is this person’s background?
    • Childhood
    • Education
    • How they became involved in the movement?
  • What is this person famous for?
    • What was their contribution to the movement?
    • What time period was this person active?
  • How did their involvement affect them personally?
    • What were the positive and negative consequences for their participation in the movement?
    • What sacrifices did they make?
    • What obstacles did they have to overcome?

If your source is not from one of the databases, use to make your citation card:

  • Once you are there, click: Click here to select a source
  • Click: Online Database
  • Where it says source, type: Select Journal Article
  • Fill in the info for the article
  • Click: Create citation

Thur 3/11 & Fri 3/12 — Rough Draft Due Fri EOC

Directions for writing the paper:

  1. Group your cards into similar piles.
  2. For each pile, figure out which are the best cards
  3. Set aside your worst cards (keep them just in case)
  4. Write one Main Idea sentence per group
    • Use the cards in the group to support your main idea
    • You now have at least three body paragraphs
  5. Write an introduction
  6. Write a conclusion

Sample Outline:

  • Paragraph 1: Introduction (catch our attention, who is this person?)
  • Paragraph 2: Early Life (birth, childhood, how they became involved in the movement)
  • Paragraph 3: Civil Rights (contribution to civil rights)
  • Paragraph 4: Personal Life (consequences, sacrifices, obstacles, death)
  • Paragraph 5: Conclusion (your thoughts on this person’s life)

By Mr. Heyer

Mr. Heyer currently teaches Business Computing courses and is the Yearbook advisor at Goodson Middle School in Cypress, Texas.