Week of 1/25

Keyboarding TSDE
Monday: Parts of Microsoft Word user interface
Tuesday & Wednesday: Parts of the Computer
Wednesday: Your child is observed while typing to make sure they keep their eyes on the screen, their fingers on the home row, back against the chair, feet flat on the ground, and their writs/palms don’t touch the keyboard or desk.
Thursday: Warm-ups Quiz & Study for Friday’s quiz
Friday: User Interface & Computer Parts Test

Principles of IT: We will study technology-related ethics, safety, and copyright. On Thursday students will review all topics we’ve covered so far (including design and Employment) for a major grade test on Friday.

Language Arts: You will be studying drama. Thursday and/or Friday you will do a practice STAAR passage including some drama analysis, so you can see about how well you should expect to do on the STAAR test

By Mr. Heyer

Mr. Heyer currently teaches Business Computing courses and is the Yearbook advisor at Goodson Middle School in Cypress, Texas.