Week of 2/8

Keyboarding TSDE
Monday & Tuesday: Finish collage project in Microsoft Word, and complete (at least) MicroType Lesson 11
Wednesday – Friday: Study for next week’s comprehensive test over material from this grading period, and complete (at least) MicroType Lesson 14

Principles of IT: Turn in Dream Machine project, complete a project about a historical figure in the history of computing, and do an activity where students learn basic concepts in encryption, decryption, and data corruption

Language Arts
Monday: JA Inspire field trip to Berry Center
Tuesday & Wednesday: Continue reading The Contender (novel) by Robert Lipsyte, analyzing literary elements and figurative language
Thursday & Friday: Day 1 & 2 of four-day Reading DPM

By Mr. Heyer

Mr. Heyer currently teaches Business Computing courses and is the Yearbook advisor at Goodson Middle School in Cypress, Texas.