Second Half of the First Six Weeks

It was very nice to meet many of your parents at last week’s open house.  If they were not able to attend, please have them email or call me if they have any questions about this year.

Every three weeks, I hand out a 3-week calendar with the assignments and activities for each day.  I will also be e-mailing and posting these every time I hand out a new one.  Please note that these schedules are subject to change.

Our next 3 weeks are jam packed! We will start off this week working in the computer lab on our “What Is Success?” project. This project is a major grade and is due at the end of class on Thursday. Also note, we will have an SFA test on Tuesday, October 2.

By Mr. Heyer

Mr. Heyer currently teaches Business Computing courses and is the Yearbook advisor at Goodson Middle School in Cypress, Texas.