Medicine Bag project due Thu, 9/9

Here are the instructions for your medicine bag project:
Medicine Bag Project requirements (pdf)

This is due Thursday, 9/9. You must have it ready before you come to class.


  1. Think of at least three traits that describe you.
    (Think: I’m smart, I’m industrious, I’m witty, I’m passionate, I’m …)
  2. For each trait, think of an object that shows that trait.
    (Think: Smart people can solve puzzles, so the trait of “smart” is shown by a puzzle.)
  3. For each object, write on a note card to explain the object.
    (Write: I am a smart person. You can tell because I get good grades. I put a puzzle in my Medicine Bag to represent being smart If you are smart, you can figure out puzzles easily. I also like to solve puzzles, and this one is my favorite. I can solve it in under one minute.)
  4. To make up a name, think of an animal that is similar to you in some way.
    (Think: I am like an cat because they are curious.)
  5. Think of an activity that animal does that you do also.
    (Think: After school, I like to nap on the couch.)
  6. Put the action (plus “-ing”) together with the animal name, and write it on your bag. (Write: Snoozing Cat.)
  7. Write on a note card to explain your made-up name.
    (Write: I am like a cat because I am curious,
    and I also like to nap on the couch like my cat does.
  8. Decorate your bag. Be creative. Use color!
  9. Write your Goodson heading on the bottom of the bag.
    Charlie Gordon
  10. Get a piece of twine to tie your bag shut.

By Mr. Heyer

Mr. Heyer currently teaches Business Computing courses and is the Yearbook advisor at Goodson Middle School in Cypress, Texas.